31 12, 2013

A wonderful first year!

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There are three messages in this blog post:
1. Helping to build the awards list for 2013
2. Come and join us in Harrogate
3. UK university event gender separation of audiences

1. First of all, please do let me know if you were, or if you know of someone who was, the organiser of one or more ELT events in the UK in 2013 where there was rough parity of numbers of women and men plenary/keynote speakers or panellists. I would need to know the name of the organiser, contact details, name of the event and some sort of proof (such as a […]

30 11, 2013

Purple Tie Promotions

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The Fair List web site has been up and running for a couple of months now. The response to it has been wonderfully supportive. Thanks to everybody who has written in asking for their name to be added to the supporters’ list, and to those who have contributed ideas and photos, blogged about us, or started discussions on social networks. All the good things you contribute find their way onto the website under one section or another or are implemented in real life as soon as is feasible!

For this month’s blog, I thought I’d look around to see if anybody […]

31 10, 2013

Women and webinars

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The Fair List web site was launched on Saturday, September 28th 2013. The response has been great. Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support and offers of help. It’s been very encouraging. And here is our first Guest Blogger, Nicky Hockly, Director of Pedagogy of The Consultants-E.

Welcome Nicky, and thanks for contributing.



Women and Webinars

I work with technology. Specifically, helping teachers integrate new technologies into their language teaching, whether online or in the face-to-face (f2f) classroom. And although the stereotypical image of someone interested in technology is a geeky teenage boy, I know lots of women EFL teachers who […]

28 09, 2013

This is everybody’s topic

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I’m new to the ‘blogosphere’, this interconnected weave of individual opinions and comments on the internet. Also, I’m a terror for doing my homework. So I wanted to search for past blogs on the subject of gender balance at UK ELT events. Of course, if you read Jeremy Harmer’s piece on this web site under ‘About’, ‘Reactions to gender balance at UK ELT events from a presenter’, you’ll find that Jeremy blogged about the topic in January 2010. And some 63 people came along to offer comments […]