The CCCS is an agreement that governs the relationship between the client and the engineer advisor. A fourth revised edition of the contract was published at the end of 2017. This webinar provides an overview of the contract, the new provisions and some key clauses that govern liability. The NZGP has developed a guide in which the parties should present fundamental changes and changes to projects in their consulting agreements. The guidance document can also be read online. In addition to the basic changes, NZGP has published a list of project-specific changes that consultants and clients should consider on a case-by-case basis in their consulting agreements, depending on the scope and nature of the project involved. These include changes to the right to terminate, limitation of liability, derogations, copyright on documents, payment in the event of early termination, suspension and transfer, and innovation. The full list of project-specific changes can be read online. After your selection, you establish a draft agency purchase contract (APA) for the agreement established by your agency and the supplier of your choice.

If you select multiple vendors, a separate APA must be filled out for each vendor. The default version of the APA is the Crown version of the Contract Terms of Service Advice (CCCS), but you and your selected provider have the right to use another type of contract if you wish. New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) has launched an all of Government (AoG) solution for construction consulting. If you`re not sure how you can structure your email/request, you can use the “AoG CCS – Opportunity” model to make sure you have the right information a provider needs to respond. You should contact the information you have received based on the complexity and risk of your project and give the supplier more time to respond if they wish to answer more questions or provide a detailed answer. Check the CCS providers in the AoG Construction Consulting Service Provider Table to assess their suitability for your commitment. Suppliers are listed according to performance disciplines (for example. B architecture and design, building engineering, mechanics, hydraulics and electrical, etc.).

Your agency`s purchasing team can help you evaluate the panel. MBIE has completed limited due diligence to appoint suppliers to the panel and recommends that agencies perform project-specific due diligence when selecting a supplier.