In Montreal, on May 25, 1998, the Montreal Conference on Global economies was blocked for five hours by hundreds of Activists of Operation SalAMI,[28] on the basis of the French acronym for the proposed agreement, AMI, not only for sausage, but also for a “dirty friend”. Operation Salami called on Canada to withdraw from the MAI negotiations. The presence at the conference of one of the main players in the MAI, Donald Johnston (OECD Secretary-General), helped to focus on action, one of the three main anti-AMI events in the world. These mobilizations at the international level did indeed lead to the revision of the agreement. The award-winning documentary Pressure Point: Inside the Montreal Blockade recorded the drama of this action that resulted in the arrest of 100 people. [29] As noted above, protection through contractual protection measures may provide additional protection. They may also extend to a wider range of measures taken by the state or by any other government authority of the host state, which may be excluded under the terms of the contract. B for example because of negotiated restrictions on force majeure clauses. As a result, the protection of investment contracts can be used to fill a gap in which other forms of account security, such as insurance coverage, do not respond. To this end, “investments” may include a wide range of interests and transactions arising from mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, purchases of securities or assets, project financing, concession contracts, development of green prairie assets, construction of production facilities and, in some cases, financing operations to support investments , including transactions related to the provision of loans and debt securities. Since there is no common definition of “investments” used in investment contracts, each bit or MIT must be considered in determining whether a particular investment or transaction falls within the scope of its protection. However, dealmakers should bear in mind that there is a useful tendency for the courts to support a broader definition of “investments.” The question that dealmakers raise when considering the material effectiveness of investment contract protection is how effective the investment contract protection regime is.