Ronaldo is more involved than initially in the “Free Fire” because he will also be the ambassador of the global brand. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. According to ESL`s press release, “the new agreement establishes the ESL Pro Tour as one of the most valuable features in the global esports business.” The agreement also provides that the league will have a “design selection process” for partner teams wishing to participate in ESL circuit sessions. “Teams can choose events twice a year,” he said of the process. “Any team of rank 20 or higher is allowed. The highest rated team chooses an event, then the second highest team, etc., until all partner drivers are selected. The agreement also mentions that partner teams will be reviewed if they achieve consistent poor rankings. “Anything that is hurting the project or, for example, is disappearing,” he said of other factors that could lead to a review of a team`s partnership status. Indeed, the agreement will strive to bring deep-seated stability to the participating teams, not only by providing them with long-term slots in their new Pro League with 24 teams, but also by distributing shares in the turnover and profits of ESL`s Pro Tour events – previously disclosed at 21.25% of gross sales and 60% of first-year profits , although this has yet to be officially confirmed. “The new unit will use our united forces to prepare the best path for all,” Goossens said in a prepared statement.

“We see this as a monumental agreement and an important step forward for all esports.” The agreement provides that ESL, DreamHack and 13 top-tier CS:GO teams are partners to drive the all-new esL Pro League world. Participating teams will also become the majority players in the league, giving them their own long-term niche. Only 13 teams were announced as partners in the league, although the agreement itself mentions up to 16 teams. The first partnership process is now complete, questions are being asked about how other partners will be appointed. “Teams can apply as partner teams and a joint vote will take place, with each team and ESL having one vote,” Schulze said. This agreement also makes the 13 teams of majority interest groups in the league and will play a role in how it works. The deal transforms the ESL Pro League into a 24-man competition (from the 11th season in March) with a single global division moving away from a regional model. The 11 additional teams must qualify because of their world ranking or through the Mountain Dew League, the gateway series of the ESL Pro League. To learn more about the reasons for some of the changes and the agreement as a whole, you can see the ninth episode of HLTV Confirmed on February 3, when ESL Vice President of ProGaming, Michal “Carmac” Blicharz, spoke at length about the topic. The agreement was signed by organizations that support the vast majority of the world`s top 15 teams, including Astralis, Liquid, Evil Geniuses, mousesports and fnatic. The full list is as follows: The Louvre agreement will change the landscape of the competitive CS:GO. First, ESL abolished its regionalized approach and switched to a distribution model for its Pro League and invited 11 other teams to join their 13 founding teams.

The agreement establishes a deep partnership between ESL, DreamHack and partner teams and introduces teams as key players in the ESL Pro League, which takes place with a global division of 24 teams. ESL has announced an exclusive contract with 13 CS:GO teams, called “Louvre Accord” and offering long-term slots in their Global Pro League.