Third-party services include services that you purchase from third parties and want to integrate into your services. Keen does not support or recommend third-party services and you are responsible for studying the quality and adequacy of your third-party services. For all third-party services that you use or integrate into the services or that Keen integrates into your application, you declare and guarantee to Keen that you have the necessary rights and licenses from the third-party provider to use their services as integrated into Keen services. If Keen withdraws the fees from the third of you, it will be passed on to the third party by taxes, but you acknowledge that Keen is not responsible for the services of the third party. Keen does not accept any guarantees or guarantees regarding third-party service and, like you and Keen, third-party service is provided as IS. Your use of the third-party service is subject to the legal agreement between you and the third party. You should check the legal conditions and privacy policies of the third party before using its services. You acknowledge that Keen`s integration features may be unavailable or not working properly if the service provider`s API is not available or if the service provider changes its API or services to affect the keen integration function. Keen will make reasonable economic efforts to modify its integration functions to maintain compatibility with APIs and service provider services, but it may engage in an integration function without liability to you if the service changes, resulting in undue costs or operational expenses.

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