The Fair List has an annual awards and awareness raising event. This is usually held at the IATEFL international conference in the UK in the Spring of each year. We have the rich web site that you are currently reading. On it there is a useful webinar about giving a plenary talk. All of this is extremely helpful. But it might not always be enough to support a first time woman plenary/keynote speaker or panelist at a UK ELT event, So now, with the support of The British Council, we have started up a mentoring scheme.
You will find a set of guidance notes for mentors and mentees.

We have our first mentors. You can read about them HERE!
These mentors are willing to support (face to face, via Skype or email or phone…) women who are going to be plenary, keynote or panel speakers at a UK, ELT event. All of them have experience in giving plenary or keynote talks or taking part in speaker panels. The mentors all support the ethos of The Fair List.

So the next step is to reach those who are thinking about giving, or have been invited to give, a plenary or keynote speech or who are set to be a panellist at a UK, ELT event. Women who might appreciate a little mentoring. We need to get the word out! We have wonderful mentors. Now we need some mentees!

One idea might be to approach conference organisers, and ask them to have a little notice on their ‘Call for papers’ page, suggesting that women who would like some mentoring help are very welcome to approach The Fair List for support.
If you have any other thoughts about how we might find our first mentees, then do please get in touch!

Tessa Woodward
The Founder
The Fair List