Name – The growing plant has become too large 7. Cats like to sit on rounds. for the pot. Grammar4. Fishing offers hours of fun8. The talented potter made a lovely one for Frank. Clay glass. Copyright © of Glencoe/McGraw-Hill5. Living near a mountain, family 9. When he approached the car, a skunk feared a deluge. distinctive fragrance.6. Charles was good at building.

10. Supporting the roughness of nature together, campers felt related to animals.218 Grammar and Language Workbook, Grade 8 Class – Class – Lesson 62 and used to combine words, phrases or phrases. Diagram these parts consisting of a sentence by placing the second part of the connection under the first. Write the coordination conjunction on a polka dot line that connects the two parts. Boats carry goods and many passengers. The goods carry the grammar a lot and the boat passengers The bus stopped and prevented a collision. We cut and cut the grapefruit. stopped We grapefruit bus a ate and the and avoided collisionedCopyright © by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill ᮣ exercise 1 diagram of each set. 3.

The football team and the baseball team were winners. 1. The research team has experimented and tested. 2. New models and models have appeared. Unit 10, diagram phrases 209 Name – Date – Lesson 66 Charts Place a participatory or participatory expression in the word that changes it. Write the party on a curve. The dog barked angry and woke my family up. Dog woke my family arking my furious grammar b The Place a wreath or a roasted phrase on a “step” written with tanning on a curve. Place the step on a “stilt” positioned according to the role of the wreath in the sentence. A tanner can be a subject, an object of a verb or a preposition, or an appositive.

Exploring caves is an adventure. The survival of a winter in Alaska requires special precautions. Explore Survivi ng Cave Wintering Alaskan an is adventure is precautions a specialCopyright © by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill ᮣ Exercise 1 diagram of each set. 2. Travelling in rugged terrain, many primitive settlers imagined a better future. 1. Hunting can be a means of food production. Unit 10, sentence diagrams 217 Name – Class – Date – Lesson 64 Complex sentence diagrams with adjectivity or adverbiale clauses Towards the diagram of an adjective clause, draw a pea line between the relative grammar that introduces the clause and the nomun or pronoun that changes it. The relative pronouns are who, who, who, who, who, who, who, what or that.

Diagram of the relative Pronofalls according to its function in its own clause. Scientists studying dinosaurs are paleontologists. Scientists are paleontologists who study dinosaurs To draw an adverb clause, draw a polka dot line between the verb in the adverb clause and the verb, adjective or adverb that changes it. Write the subordinate conjunction in the line that connects the verb to the modified word. After consulting a specialist, he decided not to operate. He decided after an operation, he consulted the specialist aCopyright © of Glencoe/McGraw-Hill ᮣ exercise diagram 1 per game. 2.C is Dr. Robert Koch who first got 1. The pen that writes best has blue ink.

cause of tuberculosis. Unit 10, diagram phrases 213 Name ` Class `Date` `Date` `Unit 10: Sentence diagrams Lesson 58 Diagram of simple themes and predicates to diagram a set, Draw a horizontal line with a vertical line that passes through the grammar.