In a three-year contract, the number of desktop computers and qualified users can be adjusted for each anniversary of the contract. This allows for greater flexibility to meet changing requirements. Use rights are limited and expire when the contract expires. The EDOS program is ideal for large companies and government organizations with more than 5,000 users. As part of an EA, customers can subscribe to microsoft online services such as Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Services should not be licensed at the company level, but can be reserved for each user. The customer granted either the standard edition or the corporate edition of each service. The validity of the EDOS is three years and is related to an EA. Like the EA program, the MPSA has four price levels – A, B, C and D. Each purchase (license, License – Software Assurance, etc.) under the MPSA program has an assigned point value and you must reach the minimum number of points during the year. The MPSA program is an indirect sales contract with Microsoft – you must first choose a Microsoft partner to manage the agreement. This dealer-partner determines the price and charges you bills. A welcome addition to the MPSA program is that you can have multiple partners on your purchase account.

When signing the agreement, the customer must define and communicate to Microsoft the number of desktop computers or qualified users as well as Microsoft Enterprise products or Enterprise Online Services. This information represents the first purchase. Each anniversary is due to a “True Up Order” for additional desktops or qualified users, based on which the total cost for the previous year is calculated. Under a traditional agreement on microsoft Enterprise, the customer is allowed to authorize corporate products individually or as a standard platform. However, at least one enterprise product must be standardized throughout the company. Microsoft has an annual compliance check to make sure you meet your expected consumption. If you don`t reach the consumer values, Microsoft will put you at the lowest level (only one level, regardless of consumption). If your purchases reach a higher level, Microsoft will recommend orders that place you above the next threshold at the higher level. Microsoft`s SCE program is a licensing program for standardizing Microsoft server products and allows customers to combine them with online services. It replaced the existing EAP and ECI programs as of February 1, 2014. SCE offers 4 components: Core Infrastructure, Application Platform, Developer Platform and Microsoft Azure.

These programs can offer price advantages over the enterprise agreement. If you choose one of the first three components, customers will have access to Microsoft Azure in the best possible conditions. A subscription to the enterprise agreement is also based on the EA and offers the possibility of paying licenses for establishments rather than acquiring them. This could bring tax benefits to clients. The price levels are the same as those of the normal EA. On the other hand, the EA program requires you to acquire both licenses and insurance software. Most customers accept the idea of the EA program and benefit from reduced prices to reflect the company-wide commitment.