In all the talk about redundancies, separation agreements have been at the forefront of the debate on how companies can reduce their risk of liability. But how much severance pay should a company offer its employees when they are laid off? Our lawyer will review an offer of severance pay, work on your behalf to improve conditions and handle all disputes regarding non-compliance with a termination obligation. In many cases, we have been able to defend allegations that a resigning employee breached a severance pay obligation, including a non-competition clause. If you have not yet agreed to an agreement, we can draw up an agreement in order to obtain additional compensation in order to accept a non-competition agreement. Severance pay negotiations include understanding each party`s interests, expectations, legal positions, and financial incentives. This is a business transaction and should not be confused with litigation. The end result is a full waiver and release of all claims before the date of the concluded contract. Negotiations on severance pay include facets of contract law, compensation law, labour law, alternative dispute resolution and negotiation methods. The case arose when the company gave an employee 14 days, not the 45 days needed to review his proposed separation agreement. Most Connecticut employees are not entitled to severance pay.

For those who do, it is usually the product of individually negotiated employment contracts or union contracts (also known as collective agreements). At Employee Advocates, LLC, which serves the needs of employees and small contractors throughout Connecticut, we are ready to take on all aspects of negotiations, litigation, and enforcement of termination agreements. Waiver agreements must meet eight conditions under the OWBPA to determine in part that the separation agreement was entered into on a scientific and voluntary basis: many people keep asking this question, but if you`re hoping to negotiate a severance package, it`s wise to think about why your employer wants to offer one.