States and local and regional institutions have different and sometimes contradictory views on the issue of unconventional energy sources and, in particular, shale gas and shale oil. In light of these developments, it is important to analyze the extent to which shale gas can contribute to the future of the energy landscape and to highlight the challenges that arise from it. In this regard, the United States of America has experienced significant developments since the mid-2000s. This period was mainly called the “shale gas boom or revolution” and the growth of natural gas production in the United States through shale gas extraction led to a sharp decline in domestic natural gas prices. A Planning Performance Agreement (AAE) is a project management tool with which planning authorities and candidates can agree on schedules, actions and resources for processing planning applications. The agreement can cover all stages of the process, from pre-application to the definition of the planning application. An AAE can be particularly useful in defining an efficient and transparent process for defining large and complex planning applications, providing greater security in terms of timing and responsibilities for all involved. At the same time, some European countries have decided to ban the production of shale oil and shale gas in their territories or to ban the use of their main production technique, namely hydraulic fracturing. NOT produced a model and a user manual for a PPP for shale gas and oil. The presentation of AAEs is available to the mineral planning authorities in order to adapt to their own realities. These are documents updated in June 2019. The biggest challenge of this report was to provide a passionate perspective on these aspects in order to make informed decisions on issues related to shale gas activities. It is important to decide whether the exploration and exploitation of shale gas deposits should be exploited and what the framework of these activities should be, whether shale gas is already being exploited in some countries and considered in others.

Shale gas is at the heart of the current edition of the Commodities at a Glance series. There are conflicting views, for example, regarding its potential contribution to the economy, its impact on job creation and its negative effects on the environment. . PPA Agreement for The Slate June 2019 294.78 KB – PDF Guidance Notes – In November 2019, the government announced that it was ending aid to hydraulic fracturing in England on the basis of new scientific analyses.