A contract may be terminated in a variety of ways that do not constitute termination within the meaning of section 186(1) of the Industrial Relations Act. In the case of fixed-term employment contracts, such as traineeship contracts, which are concluded for a certain period or expire on the occurrence of an event, the termination of such a contract would not normally be considered a termination. The (mention entity type) does not require candidates to be future employees who are not professional in their behavior in an official room. Your constant delay in arriving at work, misconduct with your superiors, inappropriate dress code in the office are the main reasons to end your internship, because the (mention the type of entity) does not take into account such a pattern of behavior desired by their interns and even their employees. The duration and timing of the assignment must be agreed upon by both the intern and the director. The dates on which the intern will begin to provide their services, the duration/duration during which the internship will last and the date on which the contract will be terminated must be included in the agreement. Termination occurs because the (mention of entity type) requires their interns to be disciplined and dedicated to the work and to complete the work entrusted to them with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency, so that there is a growth of (mention the type of entity) both in the present and in the future. The (mention the type of entity) is not interested in maintaining a professional relationship that ultimately does not bring any benefit to the (mention the type of entity). Unless otherwise specified, work created by an employee under an employment contract such as an internship agreement within the framework and scope of his agreement is automatically assigned to the employer. This was confirmed in King v South African Weather Service 2009 (3) SA 13 (SCA); [2009] All SA 31 (SCA). You will also be asked to return the company ID card, laptop and mobile SIM card provided to you at the beginning of the internship in the same condition in which they were given to you, any discrepancies related to these will be resolved in the manner indicated at the beginning of the internship. The legislation stipulates that female employees are entitled to 4 months of unpaid maternity leave if they are pregnant.

Although this legislation does not apply to self-employed trainees, the concept of maternity leave is often included in agreements with independent contractors such as the internship contract. The management had reviewed the reports of your internship that you carried out under the department of [Insert name of department concerned] for some time from [ Insert internship period] [ months / years], dated [ Insert internship start date]. Intellectual property is any product of the human intellect that the law protects from unauthorized use by others. An internship agreement should provide for ownership of intellectual property rights. The agreement should specify who owns the intellectual property rights. As with most employment contracts, an internship agreement often stipulates that the intern assigns in principle all intellectual property rights acquired during the term of the engagement. The agreement may also include that, while ridership may be accumulated, there will be no payment to the intern for ridership. You will receive an email explaining the procedure to follow to complete the internship and you will be asked not to cause unnecessary problems to the company and to yourself and to follow the steps mentioned in the email. In order to offer a chance to many more aspiring candidates like you, we would like to terminate the agreement with effect from [insert date of termination of agreement] You must also highlight the qualities you saw in the candidate during the internship. You need to let them know how their contribution has contributed to the growth of the business. Interns may or may not receive remuneration for the work they do. If the agreement between the principal and the trainee provides for the payment of the trainee, the amount of the payment, the date of payment and the method of payment must be clearly indicated in the agreement.

Any deduction from trainees` remuneration must be clearly indicated. With this letter format, you can terminate the candidate from the internship position. You must indicate the date of completion of the internship. In addition, you must tell him the date of hiring and so he was hired for a temporary period. In addition, you are told not to request a reassessment of the termination details, as the (mention the type of entity) has no such requests from its interns. It is important that both parties know who assumes the risks that may be associated with entering into an agreement. Often, the intern commits in an internship agreement to assume all the risks associated with the conclusion of an internship contract according to the principle. The intern generally agrees to indemnify and indemnify the Principle for any injury or loss suffered during the engagement between the parties. The intern will become acquainted with the trade secrets of the principle or private and confidential information on the principle and the principle will generally prefer that the information remain private. .