Future actions



  • Continue to gather support amongst individuals, parallel campaigns and ELT organisations for The Fair List.
  • Work out different ways in which we can gather links, partners and sponsors, list concrete help we need, and what we can offer in turn, so we build a broad coalition.


A way forward

If you read Why The Fair List? A personal story, you will see that I don’t feel that waiting for things to improve by themselves, in the area of gender balance of plenary, keynote and panel speakers, has really worked. That is why I started The Fair List. The list is initially concerned with encouraging approximate numerical representation of women among plenary and panel speakers at UK ELT events. By rewarding parity, we suggest a target for event organisers to reach. Along with targets and active encouragement to event organisers right now, our professional community needs to think of ways of ensuring an upcoming generation of women plenary speakers for the future. One way of doing this is to offer mentoring to women thinking about being a keynote or panel speaker at UK ELT events. In future then we hope to work, with others, to provide:

  • A pool of women and men plenary speaker mentors. Achieved in 2015.
  • A mentor pack. Achieved in 2015.
  • A mentee pack. Achieved in 2015.
  • Matched mentoring to inexperienced women plenary presenters whether by email, skype, webinars or other means. This is the next priority!