Books and Articles



Allport, G. W.
‘The Nature of Prejudice’
Addison-Wesley 1954 page 20

Banaji M. R. and A. G. Greenwald
‘Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People’
Delacorte pubs 2013

Baumeister, R.F.
‘Is there anything good about men?
How cultures flourish by exploiting men’

OUP 2010

Kahneman, D.
‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’
Penguin 2011
(Much of the discussion in this book is about biases of intuition in judgment and decision-making.)

Sandberg, S.
‘Lean in. Women, work and the will to lead’
Alfred A Knopf pubs 2013

‘Getting the balance right. Gender equality in journalism’
ISBN: 9789490116002

Baxter, Judith
The Language of ‘Female Leadership’
Palgrave Macmillan 2010




Mlodinow, L.
‘Most of us are biased, after all’
in The New York Review of Books Vol LX No. 6 April 4-24 2013 pp58-61

Woodward, T. (2003)
‘Let there be you. Let there be me: Gender balance in ELT materials’
pp 13-14 in Folio the journal of MATSDA. Vol. 8. 1 /2 November, 2003
and also in Humanising Language Teaching Year 5; Issue 3; May 03.
(An adapted version is here.)
An article about sexual discrimination in university science departments.
An article on research into gender bias in science jobs (at the pre-interview C.V. stage).

The Pinker-Spelke debate (Harvard-Edge)
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Raconteur Media
Publishes research, surveys and special reports across a range. Distribution partners include The Times newspaper, The Week magazine. 21 March 2013 issue, ‘Women mean business’ is a 32-page special report championing women in business, first distributed with The Week magazine to 300,600 readers and featuring inspirational stories and reports of the latest research. Visit the web site.

Lang, K.
‘Without powerful and inspiring women in the public eye, where will the schoolgirls of today find their role models?’
in The Guardian Thursday 20 June 2013