The Basic idea

Conscious that an annual event, this rich web site and a useful webinar (all of which The Fair List already provides) while being extremely helpful, might not always be enough to support a first time woman plenary/keynote speaker or panellist at a UK ELT event, we are now starting up a mentoring scheme with the support of the British Council who have kindly sponsored this endeavour.

We have produced a set of guidance notes for mentors and mentees.
We have our first batch of mentors willing to support (face to face, via Skype or email or phone…) women who are going to be plenary, keynote or panel speakers at a UK ELT event. All these mentors have experience in giving plenary or keynote talks or taking part in speaker panels. The mentors are supportive and positive and support the ethos of The Fair List.

If you would like to become a mentor for The Fair List, please read the guidance notes and then contact me at:

If you are a woman headed for a plenary or a keynote speech at a UK ELT event or have been invited to join a panel on such an event and you would like to talk this over with a mentor, please first read the guidance notes and then contact me to ask for a mentor. Here is the email address:

Please do not try to contact the mentors direct yourself as they are extremely busy people and I will need to check their availability.
A simple matching procedure will check who can offer to mentor at a particular time. After that, mentor and mentee are put in touch and can take it from there, with help from the full guidance notes.

As with every thing about The Fair List, the mentoring scheme idea can always be improved by supporters. So, if you have any comments you would like to make, please do share them.