Those already involved!

The supporters’ page

The following alphabetical list is of those supporting the initial launch of The Fair List:

Pam Aboshiha, Susan Barduhn, Christine Barker, Briony Beaven, Mojca Belak, Anne Burns, Marion Cooper, Melissa Cudmore, Jill Florent, Anthony Gaughan, Akos Gerold, Kathleen Graves, Simon Greenall, Eryl Griffiths, Jeremy Harmer, Bill Harris, Nicky Hockly, Jenny Johnson, Fiona Johnston, Anne Katz, Sue Leather, Chris Lima, Seth Lindstromberg, Rebecca Maher, Sandie Mourao, Jenny Pugsley, Katie Quartano, Marjorie Rosenberg, Alison Schwetlick, Adrian Underhill, Penny Ur, Catherine Walter, Ingrid Wisniewska.

Since the launch of this web site, we have some new friends joining us as supporters!
Dave Allan, Frances Amrani, Valeria Franca, Elka Todeva, Patrick Jackson, Aleksandra Popovski, Claudia Ferradas, Jeffrey Doonan and Julia Alivertis, James Taylor, Tania Patterson, Andy Hockley, Rakesh Bhanot, Jennie Wright, Linda Yael, Birsen Tutunis, Aylin Graves, Rachael Roberts, Hanna K. Furre, Nina Loback, Varinder Unlu, Chia Suan Chong, Laura Patsko, Kerry Tavakoli, Jane Davies, Philip Dietschi, Birsen Tutunis, Helen Strong, Christina Rebuffet-Broadus, Caroline Okerika, Cornelia Kreis-Meyer, Ros Wright, Natanael Delgado, Amy Rogers, Vicky Saumell, Cecilia Lemos, Amanda Wilson, Maureen McGarvey, Hanna Furre, Eveline Reichel, Rhea Finnie, Alannah Fitzgerald, Graham Stanley, Nicola Prentis, Russ Mayne, Caroline Collingridge, Merim Boulkroun, Johanna Stirling, Mercedes Viola, Teresa Bestwick, Kalyan Chattopadhyay, Bethany Cagnol, English UK, Charles Goodger, Daniel Monaghan, Prithvi Shrestha, Caroline Moore, Nasy Inthisone Pfanner, Carol Rainbow, Vicki Hollett, Rachel Appleby, Dorothy Zemach, Ayşen Güven, Kat Robb, Fiona Thomas, Simon Greenall, Les Kirkham, Shirley Norrie, Judith Maher, Graham Hall, Catherine Duffek, Shelagh Rixon, Lou McLaughlin, Gary Motteram, George Pickering, Helena Gomm, Victoria Boobyer, Fiona Richmond, Antonia Clare, Judy Garton-Sprenger, Silvana Richardson, Kylie Malinowsk, Ana García-Stone, Lourdes Ortega, Maggi Lussi Bell, Jemma Prior, Nina Loback, Juliette Schoenmann, Valeria Franca, and The National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults (NATECLA), Carolyn Walker, Dr Julie Norton and Heather Buchanan.

Supporters have gradually and wonderfully carved out niches for themselves in the sort of help they offer to The Fair List, UK. Some people are happy to be mentors, some are happy to read draft texts, two people planned and presented a webinar, two kind souls make sure we have something to drink at the IATFL conference awards events. Sue Leather has kindly brought her camera to the IATEFL conferences to take photos of the award winners. Chris Barker has set up a Facebook page for us. Thank you everybody!

If you would like your name to be added to this site, just let us know.