Other ways to support us


If you would like to support us, here is how you can:

  • Let us add your name to a list of ‘Friends of The Fair List’.
  • Read the Mentoring Pages on this web site and consider becoming a mentor for The Fair List.
  • Read this web site, send us additions to the various sections, tell other people about the web site whether they are UK ELT event organisers, speakers or participants.
  • Send us any photographs, for which you have copyright, that show a woman or women presenting so that we can build an inspiring photo gallery.
  • Add your name to our informal list of women speakers (give subject areas if you have preferences). This will ensure that, when we are approached by event organizers for help finding women speakers, the names we offer are not just the first ones that come to mind in a hurry.
  • Tell us your ideas of ways to develop and promote gender balance at UK ELT events.
  • Sponsor us and/or find sponsors for us and suggest what we could give in return.
  • Introduce us to any contacts you may have who we could talk to about The Fair List.
  • Give us the names of any organisations you think should be celebrated on The Fair List.
  • If you attend a UK ELT event with a disappointing ratio of women to men as plenary/keynote or panel speakers, let me know the contact details of the organiser so I can get in touch with them and tell them about the joy of being on The Fair List!