Encouraging gender balance among speakers at UK events for Teachers of Englishto Speakers of Other Languages/Teachersof English as a Foreign Language. (TESOL/TEFL)

It’s that time of year again! Find out here who is on The Fair List, UK awards list for the year January to December 2023!


‘A checklist for organising conferences’

by Marjorie Rosenberg

from The Teacher Trainer Journal Vol. 19 No.1 2005.


‘A checklist for organising and running a teachers’ workshop’

by The January Trainers

from The Teacher Trainer Journal Vol. 22 No.2 2008.


‘Tips on how to give a presentation at an international conference’

by Catherine Walter


The pandemic and the associated lockdowns are feeling far away in time now and so there were plenty of interesting ELT events based in the UK in 2023, both face to face, via cyberspace and in hybrid form. We were back up into the twenties again for the number of event organi … (read more…)

Oh! My goodness what a funny two years! But 2022 and UK ELT events are happening again and so, yippee, The Fair List, UK is back!

Feeling superstitious though, after all our lock downs and hiccoughs, and … (read more…)

How often do you attend ELT events in the UK as a speaker or participant?

What do you notice about the range of speakers and presenters?