The pandemic and the associated lockdowns are feeling far away in time now and so there were plenty of interesting ELT events based in the UK in 2023, both face to face, via cyberspace and in hybrid form. We were back up into the twenties again for the number of event organisers making it onto The Fair List, UK awards list for great representation of women at plenary, keynote and panel speaker level. Wonderful! Check out the list on the History/Events page under 2023. Everyone on the list will get a playful certificate as a support for their work. If you are a recipient of one and you wish to add a photo of your committee or to print the certificate out several times for different committee members or print it out on nice thick paper (most printers will take classy 150 gsm linen effect paper), then please go ahead!

Well done to all of the event organisers!

All good wishes

Tessa Woodward
The Fair List, UK