Lots of us in the EFL/TESOL world give talks for love rather than money. So I found it interesting to come across an organisation with a rather more ‘high end’ approach. I found the web site of Speakers’ Corner, an international speaker consultation and booking Service.

The web site says,

“In a time when governments around the world are pushing legislation for equality in the boardroom, and when business, politics, sport, the media and the arts are increasingly influenced by men and women equally, corporate clients are often searching for an inspirational, powerful and successful woman to demonstrate that the male-dominated world of the past is no longer a reality, and that women often play some of the most influential roles in our world.

From multi-award winning designer, entrepreneur and corporate speaker Amanda Wakeley OBE, who creates stylish, supremely luxurious womenswear and accessories; to well known CEO of low cost airline ‘Go’, Barbara Cassani, whose involvement in the London Olympic 2012 bid, makes her an exceptional keynote speaker; to Dee Caffari – an inspirational and motivational yachtswoman and speaker, who was the first female to circumnavigate the world the ‘wrong’ way, Speakers Corner has a host of inspiring and motivational women speakers from all walks of life – journalists, TV presenters, businesswomen, comedians, politicians, adventurers and athletes.”

There are pages of photos of successful women, with mini biographies written under them. There are various filtering options you can apply when searching for a speaker out of this list. One filter is the price range. The top fee band is £15,000 a pop and over. The bottom band is £2,500 and under!

Make you think?

Tessa Woodward
Founder of The Fair List