Oh! My goodness what a funny two years! But 2022 and UK ELT events are happening again and so, yippee, The Fair List, UK is back!

Feeling superstitious though, after all our lock downs and hiccoughs, and just in case I couldn’t get to IATEFL Harrogate conference in 2023, I plumped for sending out certificates by email this year instead of organising our usual event cum party at the IATEFL conference in the following year. Well, ‘baby steps’ as people say!

If those on the list wish to add a photo of their committee or to print the certificate out several times for different committee members or print it out on nice thick paper (most printers will take 150 gsm linen effect paper), then they can!

Well done to all of them!

To see the list of organisers who put on events with plenty of women in plenary or keynote speaker or panellist roles, please click here.

And I hope we will all be able to organise and enjoy all the ELT events we would like to from now on. And may they all be gender balanced!

All good wishes

Tessa Woodward
The Fair List, UK