It’s a long time since I visited the Pendleton Round Up but the feeling is the same. Excitement, as the rider requests the gate to be opened and the challenge begins. Yeeha!

But actually this challenge is no big deal. Or it shouldn’t be. Just a bit of noticing. At some UK ELT events, say, where ARE all the women plenary speakers and panellists? Just a bit of reminding. Conference organisers, can you invite a few more women? Just a little encouraging. Women, can you say yes to invitations to speak a bit more often? And some positive reinforcement for the organisers who do manage to deliver fairness, who achieve parity, or even get somewhere near it. Nudge, nudge.
That’s it!

So, if you think this is fair, please tell people about this site. Please support the idea of The Fair List in any or all the ways mentioned under the ‘Get involved’ section. As for me, I’ll scout around and see what I can bring to you that is fresh and interesting on the topic. Let’s see if we can start to make it happen.