Encouraging gender balance among speakers at UK events for Teachers of Englishto Speakers of Other Languages/Teachersof English as a Foreign Language. (TESOL/TEFL)


What is 'The Fair List'?

The Fair List is an annual award that celebrates excellence of gender balance in plenary speakers, presenters and speaker panels at ELT events, in the UK. We believe that better gender balance at UK ELT events ensures wider coverage of relevant topics and a more balanced perspective on the issues affecting both women and men in their professional lives.Read More

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Are you organising, presenting at or participating in a UK ELT event soon? Have a look at the checklists that will help you get organised and remember just about everything you need to make your event successful! However, what if you are concerned to provide a good gender balance of speakers/presenters/workshop leaders at your event?Read More

Those already involved!

People supporting the initial launch of
The Fair List include: Pam Aboshiha, Susan Barduhn, Christine Barker, Briony Beaven, Mojca Belak, Anne Burns, Marion Cooper, Melissa Cudmore, Jill Florent, Anthony Gaughan, Akos Gerold, Kathleen Graves, Simon Greenall, Eryl Griffiths, Jeremy Harmer, Bill Harris, Nicky Hockly, Jenny Johnson, Fiona Johnston, Anne Katz, Sue Leather, Chris LimaRead More


‘A checklist for organising conferences’

by Marjorie Rosenberg

from The Teacher Trainer Journal Vol. 19 No.1 2005.


‘A checklist for organising and running a teachers’ workshop’

by The January Trainers

from The Teacher Trainer Journal Vol. 22 No.2 2008.


‘Tips on how to give a presentation at an international conference’

by Catherine Walter





Er….what was Phase One again?
We got started! In 2013, we held our first awards ceremony at the IATEFL conference in Liverpool, this website was launched, and we had many supportive messages, and people passed on the news that we existed on the various lists and networks that they belong t … (read more…)

Along with celebrating current successes, as in our last blog post, it’s important to ensure that the future for women ELT plenary speakers is rosy. So, when I heard about an initiative in Poland on a recent visit, I asked Ania Kolbuszewska to be our next Guest Blogger so her idea could be sha … (read more…)




How often do you attend ELT events in the UK as a speaker or participant?

What do you notice about the range of speakers and presenters?